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   Jesus Is Knocking, can you hear him? Jesus Is Knocking, can you hear him? Jesus Is Knocking, can you hear him?

   Blow the dust off of your Bible and Read The Father's Words.  Great things will begin to happen in your life.  Give all your worries to Jesus, He will take them all! I pray you will make this change today.

Dear Friends,
I want to welcome you to the Lord's Site.
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If You find any broken links please let me know.  God Bless You.
This site is very graphic. Please if you see any broken links,
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God Bless you and may a blessing come your way.
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please let me know. Some of them are missing again.
Have A Blessed Day Amelia Anne

I have strength for all things in Christ Who empowers me
 [I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him
 Who infuses inner strength into me;
 I am self-sufficient in Christ's sufficiency]. 
 (Phil. 4:13) AMP. 

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The greatest people I know are my family and friends. We are children of God.

by Terry Watkins A must see site.

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Site Born 1/1/99 

   Amelia Anne Rededication Easter 1998
  Walking in the Spirit.
Winnie Lovett Rededication May 1998.
I am so thankful that my mother gave her
life to the Lord, she joined Him on March 5, 2000.

Dear Friends, thank you for all of the prayers for my mother.
  Thank You Father for Your grace. 
 Thank You for the six extra years You gave us. Thank You Father
for the two years with your love that we got along for the first time, with
both of us walking in your Blessed Spirit.
 In Jesus Name Amen

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Our poems and stories are original, feel free to use them in your site.  Please give credit to us and link back to the sites.  There are so many backgrounds and pic's please use them.  The ones that need permission, please get permission from the original owner of them, they will be listed on my pages.  If you find any without permission, please let me know, I have found most of pics from graphic sites.  I try to ask permission and not just take them. This would not be in a Christian manner.  Please if you find any that belong to you, please email and be nice.  I have run into some un-Christian like people.  I do not want any hard feelings with anyone.  I always think WJWD. Thank You and God Bless You, Amelia Anne


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