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Written by Carol who has an amazing story to share with you.


My prayer is that I might help someone that may be going through what I did, God Willing.  My story is not only about Angels, also about Jesus and Satan.  I wasn't brought up in a Christian home, so I didn't know very much about Satan, Jesus or about Angels.  I was very young when Satan tried to come into my life.  I was eight years old and my sister was seven.  One late night something woke me out of a sound sleep.  Satan was standing in our closet; it didn't have a door on it.  You could see right into it, he was calling us to come into the closet.  I couldn't move, even if I had wanted too.  There was no way I was going to walk anywhere near that closet.  I knew who was in there he smelled so badly, I thought I was going to be sick.  My sister got out of her bed and started walking towards the closet.  I kept telling her not too.  But she seemed not to hear me.  She was in there all night; I didn't go back to sleep.  I couldn't call out for help because I thought that he might come out after me.  When my sister did come out, she was never the same person.  She would never bother me, but she was very evil. The state put her into a reform school when she was eleven years old.  She was out of reform school only a short while before she was sent to prison.  After seeing Satan, bad things started happening to me.  He tried to kill me many times.  At the time I didn't know it was Satan doing these things to me.  I was not a Christian during this time, and the evil one came to see me many times.  I have had more near death experiences than I care to talk about.  When he came to me I was so terrified I couldn't move.  That kind of fear stays with you the rest of your life;  I could smell him before I knew he was near me.  I will tell you of just one of the many times he came to me.  One night I woke up because I could smell him.  He was standing right over my bed and he was leaning down, his mouth was almost touching my stomach.  He was sending me pictures of what he wanted to do to me.  He wanted to rip out my heart or soul.  He really wanted me dead.  When that didn't work, he started working on my husband and my health.  If Satan couldn't kill me, he would have my husband do it for him.  My husband would get drunk and beat me. Sometimes he wasn't even drinking, when he felt like trying to kill me. I had to have quite a few surgeries because of him.  The last time he beat me, he carried me into the hospital and told them that he had killed me.  He almost did that time.  All I can say is he mis-used me in every way he could.  When I got out of the hospital, I left him.   The reason I waited so long to leave him was; he was in the air force and we lived in Rosewell, N.M., a long way from Oregon.  We had four small children also.   I knew I had to leave this time because he would kill me the next time.  I had to leave my children behind and that almost broke my heart.  I'm not saying that Satan doesn't still mess with me anymore, because that would be a lie.  He keeps trying to make me fall from my Christian walk, and I know that this is the way it will be until the Lord comes for us.  When Satan does come to see me, I just tell him I'm a child of Jesus Christ and I have been washed in the blood of Jesus.  About eight years ago I was drinking and smoking heavily.  I begun to get real ill and now I knew I had an Angel that was always beside me.  My Angel was getting brighter and I could see a form in the middle of the bright light.  It got to the point, I was spending more time in the hospital than at home.  By this time my Angel was as clear as if I was looking at another person.  My Dr. told me if I didn't stop smoking, I would be dead in a few months.  I said; Oh No, I couldn't die now, I had too many things left to do.  I wasn't sure what was in store for me, I just knew things were going to change in my life.  I  stopped smoking and drinking.  I still felt that something was missing in my life.  I now have a wonderful husband that takes very good care of me.  One day about two years ago, I was driving down the street and I looked over to the side of the road, and there sat a small church.  It wasn't a big fancy Church, but it seemed to be calling out to me.  I said to myself, I am going to that Church tomorrow.  I did go the next day.  The name of my Church is Sonrise Fellowhip, we are a Pentecostal Church.  As  I walked into the church I started crying, I knew I was home.  I could feel Jesus calling me.  That very night I gave myself to Jesus.  I love Him so much.  God is so awesome and He loves all of us.  Since I gave myself over to the Lord, my blessings have increased 100 fold.  A few months after I started going to Church, the Lord blessed me with the gift of speaking in the heavenly language.  My Angel was so happy; I could hear her singing for a few days.  My husband, two daughters and my son go to Church with me.  A few months ago Satan tried to come down hard on me, he tried to sneak up on me at my weakest point during January of this year 99.  I had surgery on my neck.  The first night my husband wanted me to sleep on the sofa in the living room.  He thought by me sleeping alone I would be more comfortable.  It would cut down on the chance of him rolling over on me and hurting me.  About
2:00am something woke me out of a sound sleep.  I was on some very strong pain pills, so I really shouldn't have been awake.  Well I thought I had to go to the bathroom and got up.  I was about half way across the room when something hit me hard between my shoulder blades.  I hit the floor so hard that I saw stars.  Then I felt and smelled him near me.  I was too weak from surgery and all that pain medicine to protect myself.  He slammed down his foot on my back.  I tried to pick myself up and he slammed down his foot on my back again.  This time It felt like he was trying to push me right into the floor, I could hardly breath.  All I could think of was Jesus, Jesus.  I can't say how, but I saw Jesus sweeping down under Satan's feet and the evil one was gone in a blink of an eye.  Even now when I try to talk about this, I cry.  You know, I talk to our Lord all the time, but there are no words to describe how it felt when Jesus covered my body with His.  I know that it is a blessing that very few people get.  God has shown me a vision, I have a mission to do.  I do not think now is the time that I am to talk about it.  I go to Church as much as I can.   I'm a youth leader and I do hospitality ministry.  While I am sleeping I pray for the Lord.  I don't know who or what I am praying for, I don't think I am supposed to.  I'm a prayer intercessor and prayer warrior.  Some of the younger ones at church call me mother or just mom.  I can tell when some one is hurting for one reason or an another.  I will talk to them and find out what is wrong.  Then I will fix up a card for them and give them some kind of blessing.  You know that depression is Satan's tool and is working on anyone that he can.  We just have to love all of our brothers and sisters.   Praying all the time because our time is getting short.  I just wanted to share my story with you, hoping that it might help someone. 

                       God Bless You, Your Sister in Christ                
 Carol,   Angel Spirit

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This is Carol's Family in one of her Christian Walks.
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