Our lives should be telling everyone around us just who's we are. The facts of our lives should be reflecting His Words. Everything about us should be shouting loud and clear the answer to Jesus Christ's question of (Who Do You Say That I am). He is the healer, the provider, the wisdom, the power, the Lord of Lord's and the King of King's. He is our today and our future. All should be reflecting His love in every area of our lives. Can other tell that we are the children of God? How powerful this message is and what wonderful love flows into the Words and uplifts all who will listen and the question for themselves (Who Do You Say That I am?) Behold My great love as you search those Words of mine. Search for the Lord God and so shall all find Him in those Words of love. Today as you look at the impossible, ask yourself this simple question. Who Do You Say That I am? IS THE LORD GOD YOUR HEALER AND PROVIDER? CAN I SEE YOUR LIFE REFLECTING MINE? EVEN IN THOSE STORMS OF LIFE CAN I SEE YOUR LIFE ANSWERING THAT QUESTION OF MINE? Who Do You Say That I am? Broken bodies that mankind can't repair only need to answer that question of mine. Who Do You Say That I am? Is the Lord God first in your life today? Broken families and prisons of poverty can't stop My Words of liberty. All that hell can do can't stop even one of those Words from becoming fact. What is limiting those Words of mine is your reaction to what I say? Is your reaction to those unlimited promises full of doubt and disbelief? Can it be that I have grown ever so weak? Could it be that the creator God can't even enforce His very own words? Doubt you see is the great disease that Satan has infected the world with. Could it be that you do BELIEVE in all those lies evil has set before your eyes? Yes, I said (BELIEVE). Doubt you see is faith in reverse and doubt will bring forth the curse. Do you really want all those curses in your life today? Can it be that you have believe that way. Faith is pure power that shall rise up above the storms and walk forth into full victory as it is born.  Those are the questions that Satan will try to get you to act upon. Evil knows only full well that I have given to My very children the KEYS of (POWER). Those KEYS of POWER will unlock every door and open every window. Those KEYS will unlock all of My authority. They are yours today as you come to the point in your life and answer My question. WHO DO YOUR SAY THAT I, AM. Is the Mighty Lord of Lords and the King of Kings your ALPHA and OMEGA over everything? Has My Word become stronger than anything or any weapon formed for your doom? Have you become infused with My POWER and walking in My fullness each and every hour? Go forth today as a mighty river that is rushing into the rocks of life. Go forth and cut away all that evil has put in your path. A mighty river of POWER will wash away all that evil has done this very hour. My children will become strong and full of My life as each one refuses to accept anything but My Words once and for all. Hell will shake and evil will run as the very family of God rises up in full victory before My Throne. Oh listen to these Words today and shout the victory as you partake. My beloved are answering the question that I have asked WHO DO YOU SAY THAT I AM ?    I here their words and see their cry as they are alive in the beloved JESUS CHRIST. Their words are sure and their walk is pure as we are one in our pursuit. They are saying to Me "I am walking and moving in My Lord God today. I am alive and full of His authority. I am above and not under those cursed thoughts of Satan himself. My body will obey as I feed upon those Words of Kingdom power. Defeat is gone and healing has become mine as I am a child of God's very own. I have been given the KEYS of POWER and I shall bind all of hells darkness this very hour.  I have found freedom in My Lord God today and we will become as one in all I say. The Lord My God Has given unto me all that I shall ever need as I simply believe. You My Lord are My FIRST and my LAST in life as we have become alive. Salvation is mine and blessing untold will unfold as I walk forth in the boldness God's words.  Dear Father I come and set down at your banquet table today. I set down with the very Son of God at My side.  I do eat from your table that is rich in all of your blessing." The mighty Holy Spirit is moving within these Words spoken forth and the fullness of the Lord God is going forth. I am pulling at lives today and those dark circumstance must yield to what I say. Evil must depart and disease will not have any part of My beloved life as they are so very precious in My sight. POWER IS UNFOLDING AND POWER SENT FORTH FROM HEAVEN IS TOUCHING LIVES. DON'T TRY TO UNDERSTAND THIS WITH YOUR MIND, JUST YIELD YOUR LIFE AND YOU WILL FIND JESUS CHRIST.     



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