Behold My Love is unfolding and producing Great Health and even Great Wealth today.  All is given in simple Words to understand.  These Great and Precious Words of Mine will always stand.  "I SAID THEY WOULD STAND."  The Storms may Rage and the Winds of Doubt may give forth its Words of Death. You just smile and STAND firm on My Foundation today and forget all that the Sands of Doubt has to say.  STAND My Beloved and so shall all around you give way to the Storms of Life today.  Those Beloved One's that are STANDING upon the Rock will not be harmed.  Behold the Earth will Rock and mankind will be in Shock as the Great Day of My Return will Burst upon the earth.  Holy Angels of Great Authority will gather My Chosen family unto Me.  I will give forth the Great Shout and all will know that these Words of Mine are coming Forth.  The lost will look to see those Beloved children of Mine that are not to be found.  Great Fear will enter their Hearts as they know these Words of Mine are the Truth.  Angels of Great Power will cover the Entire Earth and remove My Beloved children of the new birth.  We will meet in the air.  Great Shouts of Joy and the Great Worship of My Beloved children will fill the atmosphere.  They will look upon My Face and will be going into Heavens place.  Away are we going into Eternity for all to enjoy?   No Pain and no Curse will follow us as we each enter into Holy City.  I have not fail even one time to bring forth all that I have said.  Why don't you do the wise thing today and simply come to Me with a Heart Clean of all Sin?  So many will find themselves going down into Hell's Pit as they refused to simply obey what I have said in My Living Words.  My Words are as food for the Spirit man just as natural food must be consumed into the physical body, so must My Spiritual food be consumed.  Both forms of food have energy within themselves.  Just as natural food can bring health into the body, so will My food (WORDS) bring forth Healing and Health into the your entire life.  What is your diet today?  I said WHAT IS YOUR DIET TODAY?  Have you eaten the rotten food of doubt?  Have you wasted your time listening to what the world of entrainment has to day?  WHAT IS YOUR DIET TODAY?  This is the Central and most important issue facing mankind today.  So many are living the Fruits of the Flesh and Lusting after whatever they can imagine.  So many have committed great crimes and are in bondage. The evil fallen angel of hell is the reason they are in hell's death grip.  Sickness has fallen on so many and poverty is alive with far too many.  Behold the Words of My Power, as they will show you just who are the killer, destroyer and the thief of mankind.  Read John 10:10 and you will discover the abundance to be found IN JESUS CHRIST.  10: The thief cometh not, but for to steal, to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.  Oh My Beloved children how My Heart longs to bring you all that I have promised in My Convent Words.  How I desire for each and everyone to live in My Abundance of Health and even Wealth.  I wait Saith the Lord today for each one to realize they are the only one that must make that CHOICE.  I give you Death or Life and you are the deciding one that must CHOOSE.  Read this message over and over again until the full Anointing is released.  A River of Living Waters is waiting for each and everyone today to CHOOSE ye the LORD.  Drink of My Living Waters and fill your thoughts with Mine.  Bow before Me and show Me your heart full of love.  Come into My Presence today with Praise and Worship on your lips.  Reflect My Love and shine forth in all that I paid for you with My very life.  Those Blessed children who KNOW they’re rightful place IN JESUS CHRIST.  Those precious lives that are centered and placed deeply into the Solid Rock of My Word.  Behold how the Storms Rage in life and behold how the evil fallen angel of hell desires to pull them into his darkness of night.  But he can't even get close to them because of the LIGHT.  Yes, the LIGHT of God shines forth and covers each of these Beloved One's lives.  Heaven's Ray of Pure Divine LIGHT is brightly covering each and every life.   Angels of Great Protection are hovering about and all around those precious live.  Angles of such Immense Power that all of hell will run.  They are given to minister to My children.  Don't think of them higher than you should My beloved.  They are My Spirit being sent forth to minister to My children.  Once again My Beloved Children reflect My Love and shine forth in all that I have given to each of thee.  Consider and contemplate what I have said concerning your circumstances in life.  Can it be that those Mighty and Precious Promises are powerless?  Can the Great Jehovah God fail in what He has said within His very own Words?  THERE IS AND SHALL NEVER BE FAILURE IN ME.  I AM THE ALFA AND THE OMEGA OVER ALL THINGS.  I SEE YOUR LIFE AS IF NAKED BEFORE MY EYES.  Over and over again you will discover the little Word (IF) in My Words.  IF YOU WILL LISTEN DILIGENTLY TO THE VOICE OF THE LORD YOUR GOD.  Consider that little Word (IF) and see if you have failed My test or passed it.  The test is simple and yet so many fail to see how to pass My test.  Behold the plan of Redemption is sent forth and it will succeed as you make up your Mind to follow My directions.  The answers to My test are right here before your eyes today.  FOLLOW MY DIRECTION FOUND ONLY WITHIN MY WORDS.  I wait for you to choose to follow only Me.  Celebrate the victory today and contemplate what I have said about living IN CHRIST.  Open My Holy Words of scripture and digest their authority.  Meditate upon My Precious Promises and digest them into your life today.  Reflect on them with your every thought.  My Words will become reflections of the Father God's Spirit of LIGHT.   All is written clearly and each of My Words is full and rich in My Mighty Power.  IF today your life is weak and the things you have tried has always failed.  IF today it would appear that the world's voice of doubt must have been right.  I have good news for you today.  IS THERE ANYTHING TOO HARD FOR THE LORD?  IS THERE ANYTHING IMPOSSIBLE TO THE GREAT JEHOVAH GOD?  TAKE THIS WORD TODAY AND SO FORTH INTO THE BATTLE WITH WHAT I HAVE TO SAY.  Hell will tremble and the curse of law will turn to run in terror.  All the curses of law will find themselves destroying each other as My Son's and Daughter's are enforcing their defeat from My Holy Words.  STAND UP TODAY AND GIVE FORTH THE COMMAND. ENFORCE HELL'S DEFEAT WITH THOSE GREAT AND MIGHTY WORDS I HAVE GIVEN IN MY WORDS.  POWER and more POWER will flood over and into all areas of your life as you search for Me day and night.  I AM HERE AS YOU READ THESE WORDS TODAY.  MY SPIRIT IS ANOINTING AND WASHING YOUR LIFE.  Behold My Great Love as I see each of those who are making Me first and not last in their lives.   My Words are of Spirit and you must understand how they will affect your physical world.  Energy dwells within their Holy Birth.  More Power than you could ever image awaits your life as you come and eat from Words of Divine Life.  Are you tired of all the defeat and has illness brought forth its ugly disease.  Evil wants your life in hell itself and he will do anything to keep you away from My Healing Power.  RECEIVE JUST NOW ALL THAT I HAVE ENFORCED. RECEIVE JUST NOW ALL THAT JESUS CHRIST HAS PAID FOR IN FULL.  I see those hot tears and I know your loss.  I see the pain and I want to heal your life with these Words of LIGHT.  Bow down before Me and I will lift you up.  Bow down before Me in you thoughts and give My Thoughts your first place.  SUCCESS WILL BECOME YOU'RE AS YOU As I close this message I want all to receive what I have promises in My Words.  The Words I have spoken shall never die.  Your Words will also live on for all times.  Have you spoken Words of doubt?  Have you given your thoughts over to areas that you know are before My eyes.  Has there been a temptation of lust in your life.  Have you acted upon thoughts of doubt in your life?  I have GOOD NEWS for you today.  I will wipe away all offenses and I will not remember them any more.  All I ask is that you repent of your past and live in the present with My Word.  The Past is gone as each and everyone comes to Me and asks forgiveness for their Past Wrongs.  Sin will send each and everyone into hell fires for all of eternity.  Doubt is actually calling Me a lair.  I DON'T CARE HOW IMPOSSIBLE IT MAY APPEAR.  EACH ONE THAT SHALL DRAW NEAR TO MY HEART WILL RECEIVE.   ALL THINGS ARE MINE AND SO SHALL MY CHILDREN SHINE FORTH IN THE FULLNESS OF MY VICTORY IN LIFE.  BEHOLD MY POWER AND SEE THE REALITY OF THE GREAT KING OF KING'S FULL VICTORY.  Read these Words over and over again and so shall your life change from within.  Go to the scriptures that are provided to prove this message is from the Lord God.  Hot oil of cleansing will pour forth and the very Fragrance of the Love of God will become yours.  Don't just read My Words, but ACT UPON THEM. ACTION is Faith and faith will activate all that I say.  ACTION is the only force that will enable your life to live in the fullness of mine.

In Christ Love Roy Atkinson
January 2004


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