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"Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.  "Mark 11:24                  


Dear Lord, we ask you to bless this page with Your love.  The people that will be added to this page whether they are sick, lonely, depressed, or have a broken spirit.  They need Your love and guidance to get them through.  We uplift them to You to receive the healing that You only can give.  Thank You Dear Lord,  for dying for us, and saving us from our sins.  We ask that You bless every dove that is placed with a special prayer,  while they are carrying the prayers up to Heaven on the tip of their wing's.  In your Holy Name and in Jesus Name We Pray, Amen

Started January 1999

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Dear Heavenly Father, I place this dove  for Meda, she has written for us to pray for her.  Dear Lord, she needs the healing that You can give.  She has a broken spirit Lord, she feels that You have turned Your back on her.  Lord, I know this is not true.  Lord, she also needs a physical healing from cancer.  I ask that You be with her as she goes through the treatments that she must endure.  Dear Lord, I pray that you will help her family realize what they are putting her through.  They need to be supporting her during this time.  Her children and husband can be cruel and not understanding.  I pray for her younger daughter who is giving her a lot of problems.  As these young teens are doing this day and time.  Dear Lord, I ask that You let her know that You are with her.  I Thank You Dear Lord, for sending her to me.  I always need a new friend, I enjoy our talks and will continue to support her.   In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen    3/3/99  Dear Lord, thank You for my new friend in Christ and for the healing that You gave.  In Jesus Name I pray. Amen   6/2/99

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Dear Heavenly Father, I place this dove to carry a prayer to You.  This prayer is for Pam, she is thinking about taking her life.  Dear Lord I ask that you reach down and give her comfort.  I do not know why she would want to take her life, Father.  You know all, so Heavenly Father, I ask that she receives Your guidance.  Lord there are so many people that are in despair, so many people are ending in divorce this day and time.  Lord we pray that the unity of the families stay together.   We have always heard; what God has joined together, let no man separate.  Lord, we need to live by Your rules, give us strength to endure all the opposition that comes our way.

In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen

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Dear Father, I come to You again with a prayer for my friends and myself.  My friends have lost a love one.  JoAnn lost her husband almost a year ago.  Gil was a wonderful person and I bless him.   Lord he brought me to You along with so many other members of my family and I  ask Heavenly Father, that You will give the family comfort during this time, Lord they love You.   My friend Hazel lost an Uncle last month, I pray that You will comfort her with the loss.  My friend Joy's, mother died last month, I know the whole family, I asked that you are still comforting them with the loss of their mother.  My friend Joan's, son died from pneumonia a few weeks ago, I ask that you will be with her,  You know what it is to have a son die.  My cousins lost their Aunt also last month,  and I lost my dear Aunt .  I ask for the comfort that only You can give.  I have a friend June, her brother died of throat cancer, he was ready to go, I ask that You help her family cope with his passing.  He had made his arrangement and said; if they don't like it they can take it up with him, when they get to heaven.  I thank you for his good outlook, he knows he will be with You.  Dear Father, I ask that You will help my husband's family find  peace,  they are still not together as a family, Lord I was very upset when she was laid to rest 2/6/99 and they came into her house worried about what they have given their mother.  Reminded me of a bunch of dogs fighting over a bone.  They came in with boxes to get their things.   Her children are torn apart,  due to her  will, I ask that they forget about material things at this time.   They need to comfort each other during this time of grief.  I pray that You will comfort the grand children, it is hitting them the hardest.  Heavenly Father, I pray that you fill my sister-in-law's heart with love.  It is so empty, she had disrespected her mother's  memory by not going to the funeral.  She did put on a good show at the viewing.  Lord you know what is in her heart.  It may be this is the way she is showing her guilt and grief.  Lord, I ask that you soften my heart against her.  I cannot help but have hard feeling toward her, the way she has acted.  She has disowned the family due to material things.  Lord, I pray that you will touch her heart and let her know You are with her.  In my mother in law's memory I wrote God Picked a Flower, I hope that it will touch someone and make sure this doesn't happen to their family. Thank You again Dear Heavenly Father,

In Jesus Name I pray,  Amen

2/8/99  4/22/99

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Dear Heavenly Father, I come to You again,  one of Your children is in great despair.  I was at the hospital yesterday visiting my mother in law, and  found a friend Margo Mercer  in the room next to her.  Heavenly Father, I place my friend in  Your healing hands.  She needs the healing that You only can do for her.  She needs to have a kidney removed and she is  not going to have it done.  Margo  has placed herself in Your loving hands.   She believes You will heal her.  The kidney has an abscess and has given her blood poisoning.   Lord, Margo  has made it out of ICU with Your help, Lord I asked that You will heal her.  Margo is one of Your children and has deep faith that You will heal her.   Lord I pray that she is making the right decision, not having this kidney removed.  She has given it all to You Heavenly Father. Update

In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen 2/1/99

Update My friend is doing great, thank you Lord for the healing.  Another one of Your miracles.  In Jesus name Amen  6/3/99

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Dear Heavenly Father, this prayer is for all of your children, that needs Your Love, Your Strength, Your Healing.  We are Your children Dear Lord.  I pray that someone that does not know Jesus Christ as their Savior, will feel the presence of His wonderful love,  that He has for us.  Thank You,  for dying so we might live Dear Lord, I praise Your Holy Name.  Lord, there are so many lost souls out there.  I was one, but you brought me home, I thank You for it.  I pray that they will know You as I do Father.

In Jesus Name I Pray    Amen    January 25, 1999

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Dear Lord, we have another one of your children that need your special healing that only You can give.  The DR's have found a  spot on Katy's lung.   Please comfort Katy and her family while they are waiting  for news of the outcome.  Dear Lord, I uplift Katy to you  for healing. Lord, you are the great healer and creator of all.  I place her in your loving hands.  Also, Lord please give her daughter the strength that she needs to support her mother during this time of waiting for the outcome. Dear Heavenly Father, I ask that You hear our prayers, in Jesus Name I pray Amen

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Dear Heavenly Father, I asked you to hear our prayers for
little 6 year old Amanda Bundy who lives in Greensburg, Pa.
Dear Lord, this prayer has been sent to me several times
over the internet.  Now I am placing it on this page so
many people can pray for this child.  Dear
Father, I place this special prayer into your
  healing hands. You are the creator
of all life and the mighty healer. 
 Dear Lord, in your Holy Name,
I pray in
Jesus Christ Name   
Amen 1/15/99

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This prayer is being sent out all over the world.   You can
see the update on Amanda at  http://www.sunlink.net/~stefo/
Thank you dear Lord, I know that   all of the thousands of
prayers has helped this child.  She was placed in you healing
hands and You healed her. Thank You Dear Lord, for hearing our
Prayers, in Jesus Name I Pray.

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Dear Lord, I ask you to uplift my friend Ann Stroud.  Help heal the nerve in her neck.  Lord, she is such a wonderful friend and
she needs the healing that only You can do.   I ask this in Jesus Name.  Amen
6/3/99    N.C.

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Thank You Dear Lord, for the healing of my friend Janie.  Lord, now I ask for  the healing of her husband Adolph.   He had a heart attract.  Lord, we uplift him into Your Healing hands.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen  6/3/99


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Dear Lord, I ask this in your Holy Name for a healing

of one of my email friends.   She has Lupus and is

very Ill.  Heavenly Father, send down your love and

healing through  this dove.  It is placed on this page

with love.   Dear Lord, You are the Holy One and

the healer of life.   Only You can do this.  Thank

You Dear Heavenly Father, in Jesus Name I ask You to

hear my special prayer for Maggie.  Amen   1/7/99 N.C.

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Dear Heavenly Father, I asked that you heal another one of Your

children.  My friend Linda Smith, she stays in such pain.  Lord,

she needs the healing that only You can give.  Linda has lost that

laughing smile that was always on her face.  Lord, I pray that you

will relieve her pain from the Lupus.  Dear Lord, I come to You

again in Your Holy Name.   I saw my friend Linda last night .

Dear Lord, she still needs Your healing hand placed upon her,

Dear Lord, she is in such pain.  I see the pain upon her face.

  The Drs are doing all that they can.  Lord, she needs Your

healing love.  Thank You Dear Heavenly Father,  for

hearing my prayer.  I pray in Your Holy Name and in

Jesus Name I Pray.  Amen

3/5/99 N.C. 1/19/99 4/22/99

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Please Email me for your prayer request.   They will

be placed on the page with their dove for all the

prayer warriors that are around the world.

Please feel free to write the prayer you would like

on this page.


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