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This is a picture  I have in my home, I took it with my Digital Camera.  This is one of
favorites pictures.  I hope you will use it. 

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Artist  Fern Beckham


 "The Compassionate Christ"

From what I am told, this picture is entitled "The Compassionate Christ" and the artist is Fern Beckham. I don't know if the artist is noted on your copy but her name is very clear on mine. I have taken the liberty to type the story behind the picture for you if you are not aware of it (this is per the info. given to me). If you have been given or are aware of another version, please send it to me. The Compassionate Christ The story behind the sketch of Christ, known as "The Compassionate Christ" is this: Dewey and Veda Mauck, husband and wife, were both air pilots, taught aviation, and had a small airline in Oklahoma in the nineteen twenties and thirties. They were close friends of the Lindbergs, and others who were in the aviation field. Dewy and Veda were very devout Christians, active in the church, and according to all who knew them personally, very attached to the person of Jesus Christ, their Lord and God. One night in their bedroom, Christ appeared to them. There was, according to their report, a beautiful orange scent which permeated the entire room. Both were awed by the beautiful compassionate eyes of Christ which left an indelible impression on them both. Christ told them that he would be with them always. Whether He also told them that in imitation of Him, they would both share in His redemptive work by their suffering, is unknown. Veda's eyesight grew worse and worse, and they feared total blindness. Much to her surprise and joy, the amazement of her husband, and the doctors who had been treating her with very little success, she suddenly had her eyesight restored. Sometime after her miraculous cure, Dewey contracted terminal cancer, and was not given much time to live. He too was cured. But shortly after, another tragedy struck. They went bankrupt and lost their aviation business completely. This was a sign from God, so they decided to devote themselves totally to the church, which they did faithfully until their death. To recall that night when Christ appeared so vividly to them in their bedroom, they sought out a woman who was well known for her portrait sketches, and told her of Christ's appearance to them, and what struck them the most-------His eyes. Working from her own vast experience, and the story of that night, this artist by the name of Fern Beckham set about to make this sketch which has been popular in prints since about the year 1980. The eyes of Christ are mentioned often in the New Testament, and this picture can be an aid in using the gift of imagination which God has given to each of us to think over, pray upon, and contemplate the lovable ness and compassion of Christ Himself, and apply it to our own lives. I hope the above info has helped you with the history behind the picture. Let me know what you think. 

Thank You Jim Bartkowiak for sharing this story.
God Bless Amelia Anne


I saw this picture and just about fainted.  That was the SAME FACE I saw in a hospital room in 1974 where I midnight...after extensive surgery.  I was in agonizing pain when I awoke. I was not a born-again Christian at the time, but searching for "the truth" about God.  In my desperation, I cried out, "God Help Me".  Almost immediately, there, standing at the foot of my bed, was a man.  The strange thing about this "vision" was that all I saw were his eyes, forehead, and top of his hair......nothing else.  But I was so consumed by his presence that I sat bolt upright in bed. I had two IVs in me, a stomach pump with a tube coming out of my nose and connected to a machine, a tube coming out of my side (the same spot where Jesus was pierced) and a catheter inside me.  Yet, I still managed to sit up in shock and awe.
Why was I in awe?  Because........THOSE EYES.  Those eyes were so filled with love that I could actually feel it permeate the room and me.  Not only was the person staring at me sympathetic about the pain I was feeling, the person staring at me could actually FEEL the pain I was feeling.  Not a word was said.  His eyes spoke volumes.  I was too shocked and awed to ask anything.  I had already made my request known. As quickly as he had appeared, he disappeared.  When I laid back down again, not knowing who it was, I realized something.  The excruciating pain I was feeling was GONE..........COMPLETELY GONE.  I went to sleep and stayed asleep for 8 days.  When I finally did wake up, the first thing the nurse standing over me said was, "Well, welcome back.  My, you have been one sick little girl".  I was 27 years old but weighed only 85 lbs. 6 months later, I was invited to church and, of course, the inevitable happened.  I had my born again experience.  However, I was alone at home in my living room at the time and had been reading Billy Graham's book, Peace With God.  I was so excited that I jumped in the car and drove to the pastor's house to share my newfound Christianity with he and his wife. On the way back home, alone in the car, I heard a voice say to me.....Marilyn, remember the hospital?  That was ME.  It was only then that I realized who it was who had visited me in the hospital 6 months earlier, poured out his Love, took away my pain and healed me.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that it was Jesus Christ who stood at the foot of my bed that night and I have been chasing Him ever since. Praise His Holy Name. I just wanted to share with you what this picture did for me.  For I could never describe the beauty of those eyes.  How can you?  I saw it tonight. Thank you so much for providing it.  I would dearly love to hear from you about this. May God Bless every Step you Take
  by Marilyn Wiggs

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