Love Lifted Me.


I set sail one early morn,
All looked sunny and bright.
Then suddenly there came a cloud,
That changed the day to night.

 Despair is the name of this ship,
And everything on it is black.
The further I'd go, the darker it got,
It seemed there was no turning back.

 The storm just kept on raging,
Taking me further on out to sea.
With sails all torn and battered,
There was no hope for me.

 As I was swept from its sunken bow,
Out to the on coming sea.
I cried Dear Lord, have mercy,
That's when He rescued me.

 I felt myself being lifted,
Far from the reach of harms way.
Safe and sound now, back on shore,
Yes, I was reborn that day.

 No, I never will forget,
That day in the treacherous sea.
Or forget to sing His praise's,
For His sweet Love lifted me.
by Winnie Lovett    3/12/99

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