Jump In The River


Jump in the river, see the fire come,
Jump in the river, Don't be consumed just run.
Jump in the river, before it's too late,
Jump in the river, don't except the fate.

The day of judgment is at hand.
Don't be caught sitting on the sand,
Jump in the river and be saved.
See the bombs, how they burst in the air.

Look for the water!  Look!
And run there the fire is at your heels!
Satan wants your seal!
Praise the Lord, for He will heal!

Jump in the river and be saved.
So be ready for when He comes.
"Sit in the water and wait," says the Son.
Don't be caught playing on land.

Don't be caught buried in the sand.
Just reach out and take His hand.
Please! Oh, Please!
Jump in the river and be saved!



Worry Wart

If you are a worry wart,
You need the peace of God in your heart,
Give them to God in your prayers,
Trust Him; have faith; for He will hear,

Worry not what tomorrow brings,
The world only offers material things,
Let the Spirit fill your soul,
Trust the Lord to make you whole,
So right now let the worrying cease,
give it to God and live in peace.

by Anita Paboucek



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