I love you with all my heart,
In my life, you are the most important part.
Any and all the things that have ever been done,
Have come from your hand, since time has begun.

You are there to hear my plea,
Whenever I sin, you always forgive me.
Because I want, does not mean you will give,
Yet you do give me, what I need to truly live.

What you ask of me, is not so much to do,
To love, worship, and serve only you.
To do this, there may be pain and strife,
Yet you are my only way, to have eternal life.
By Gerry  7/00





I have walked many years,
down the roads of life.
But without you Lord,
it has been a road of strife.

Your great love for me,
has softened, the many bumps.
Tho if I'd have turned to you sooner Lord,
I'd have saved myself a few lumps.

Lord, what makes your love so special,
that it can forgive me, my past?
So great and strong a love, that Lord,
you promised us, it will always last.     

I cannot try to understand,
or even begin to comprehend.
Why Lord, you would want us with you,
when this world should finally end?

To say "I am grateful",
 would not be the proper phrase.
But rather, thank-you Lord for loving me,
will be my daily praise.
By Gerry Eggleston 7/00


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