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This  is Angel's Site at

Angel has inspired me to do my site, she reaches so many people and you can tell she love's each one of them.   This Innocent Angel graphic was made by Angel.  Please get her permission to use  it.   Thank You Angel, for all of your help.  May God Keep Blessing You.  Angel also has a page to help people on their  web site.

This will help you get started with your   site.






if you have this go to this site.

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She has 1,000 graphics wonder.  Please visit

ANGLFL.jpg (34620 bytes)Please visit, this is a wonderful, there is so much to see.

Pam has worked hard on this site you will love it, very inspirational and beautiful water applets & much more.  Visit her at

These sites are wonderful they have so much useful graphics for building your site.

(Applets)   InHisImage     Graphics 



Thomas Kinkade Art Gallery

Davidgriffiths.gif (1703 bytes)  Tutorial lake and much more!

Jan, she has a wonderful site, very helpful with graphic, & backgrounds.

RisingStar.gif (13665 bytes)Come visit with Diane, she has done a great job and so much for new Webers

She has lots of hints for you.  Lots of animations, backgrounds, buttons,etc.  Much, much more to see, visit all three sites. very rewarding.  Also she is still working on her sites, so visit often, I know I will.    Angel Page

     tinyangel.gif (5262 bytes)             Lorraine has a wonderful &very interesting site.   She helps a lot of people through her site.  Please visit at     Added   2/9/99

Hey this site is red hot for Java and graphics & much more for building a site.  Please visit.      You will not be sorry.  Added site 1/14/99

Mr. Mom's Web Site   This site is very special, you will love it, there is so much that will touch your heart.   You may visit him at


rainbowcon.gif (21950 bytes)This is a wonderful Site, Free Post Cards, Self Help so much more.  Please visit!       This is Rainbow Connection Logo so did not take. God Bless


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 GOD BLESS YOU, are the child of God to visit this site since 1/1/99
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